Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Beaver Crap

The Guardian is extolling the virtues of beavers in controlling the water flow in rivers

Further down the article I found this gem, a piece of getting it arse about face worthy of a Homey:

“However, it also makes clear that those who benefit from beaver reintroduction may not always be the same people as those who bear the costs, highlighting that the reduction of flood risk in communities downstream may come at a cost of water being stored on farmland upstream.”

What he really means of course is that the people responsible for the flooding downstream, the landowners who have cleared out and straightened the rivers to stop their land flooding as it always used to, don't want all their hard work undone by a few rodents.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Hooray for beavers, sounds good to me.

Bayard said...

My brother, who lives in Somerset, points out that all the flooding in the Levels that has happened recently has only been since the EA spent a lot of effort clearing the rivers of fallen trees and the like to prevent flooding upstream. It has nothing to do with warble gloaming, but of course, you can't say that too loudly lest you be accused of being a denier and therefore as bad as Donald Trump.