Monday, 9 December 2019

Well, yes and no.

From The Daily Mail:

A mother has blasted Marks and Spencer for 'false advertising' after her artificial Christmas tree arrived wonky and looking like a 'twig without any leaves'.

Ms Jasionowicz, of Cheshunt Hertfordshire, said:

"I was hugely disappointed because we put a lot of time and effort into putting the tree up. We took it down straight away because it looks awful. It looks like a twig without any leaves. I expected a quality product but that's not what we got. The image on the website does not represent the product and I feel like we were sold short."

"Sold short"?? It looks worse than no tree at all, so well done Ms Jasionowicz for naming and shaming M&S.

But with just over two weeks to go before Christmas the family are yet to find a replacement tree and have been given a refund by M&S following a complaint.

Wot? The shops are full of them.