Friday, 1 November 2019

Reader's Letters Of The Day

All from today's Metro:

As the LIberal Democrats are now the Remain party, I'm expecting 48% of voters to back them - unless, of course, they feel British party politics is more important than remaining in the EU.

Richie, London.
In reply to Julian Self (MetroTalk, Thu), Boris Johnson never pledged £350 million to the NHS, he stated it 'could' be used by the NHS - a bit of a difference.

John Nightingale, London.
I'm looking forward to six weeks of Conservative MPs answering questions by criticising Jeremy Corbyn.

Where Art Thou, London.
To Tom, the short, fat, badly dressed guy on the Hertford North line who says he is despondent about never being the subject of a Rush-Hour Crush (MetroTalk, Thu). Your bags are in the front garden.

Tom's Wife, Enfield.


Bayard said...

Dear Mr Nightingale,

Do try to keep up. History has changed. That £350M was now a definite promise of funding to the NHS. Remember, don't rely on out-of-date history, 1984 was a manual, not a warning.

yours etc...