Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Yes, that'll work. I wonder why nobody thought of this before?

From City AM:

The UK film regulator will this week roll out a series of new age rating symbols designed for online streaming platforms.

The digital classification symbols, which will launch on Netflix from Thursday, are designed to help young people make more conscious choices about what they watch online...

I've never bothered putting passwords or doing this age-related nonsense on my computers or on our Netflix and Amazon accounts. If my kids are old enough to hack them, they will be old enough to watch whatever they like.


Dr Evil said...

Your final sentence sums up the ridiculous nature of this form of censorship tagging.

Bayard said...

"Something must be done about....."
"This is something"
"Let's do it".

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dr E, ta.

B, I just wonder why 'they' imagine that anything will change as a result of this?

Bayard said...

Mark, nothing needs to change, someone just needs to be seen to be doing something, however ineffective.