Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Sun spots




Why are we expected to believe that the correlation between "B" and "C" is causality, but the much closer correlation between "A" and "B" is merely coincidence?


Ralph Musgrave said...

What have "solar activity events" got to do with it? If SAE varies with total solar radiation, then OK, you can argue that "events" may be related to global warming. But in that case why not just refer to "solar radiation" and forget about "events"?

Dr Evil said...

Doesn't a certain Gentleman called Piers Corbyn run a weather forecasting business by using solar activity as a predictor of long term weather? I am told he is very accurate and people pay him for his graphs et al. Curiously enough the weather on Venus and Mars is also driven by the sun's activity. Even the giants with internal heat sources respond to the sun.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Science denier! Corporate oil shill!

Mark Wadsworth said...

How dare you!

Bayard said...

"What have "solar activity events" got to do with it?"

Well, there's a strong correlation between the level of solar activity and the temperature of the Earth. May be this is a coincidence, but it's less likely to be a coincidence than the much smaller correlation between the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and the earth's temperature don't you think?

mombers said...

Shouldn't this be published in a scientific journal rather than this blog?