Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The last civilised climate discussion about climate science

From Don Aitken's blog, a 2014 article on The Relationship between CO2 and temperature.

Although the author of the article would clearly be decried as a Science Denier (TM, The Guardian) by today's standards, and some of the replies are by what Science Deniers decry as Warmenists or Alarmists nowadays, it is all professional and friendly. You don't see that any more, it's all completely polar (or bi-polar) nowadays. Or are New Zealanders just naturally polite?

(The Science Deniers in that thread seem to be more credible and thorough than the Warmenists, but I would say that wouldn't I?)
For example, none of the Science Deniers advances the silly argument that The Second Law of Thermodynamics - that heat doesn't flow spontaneously from cool things to warm things - means that gases in the atmosphere can't possibly reflect infra red back to the surface of the and hence warm it, because the atmosphere is, on average, cooler than the surface of the earth. That claim is just embarrassing and undermines the Science Deniers' credibility.