Tuesday, 25 June 2019

How to visualise the dangerous increase in CO2 levels since pre-industrial times

The two squares represent relative levels of nitrogen and oxygen as white (nearly 80%); average water vapour as darker blue (2%); peak water vapour as pale blue (another 2%); and CO2 levels as black (pre-industrial levels about 300 ppm; current levels about 400 ppm; or 0.03% and 0.04%).

The upper square shows represents pre-industrial levels (three blocks) and the lower square represents current levels (four blocks).

Scary stuff, huh?


Dr Evil said...

OMG...........CO2 is still a trace gas. It was a trace gas as stated in my O level chemistry text book in 1969. 370 ppm if memory serves.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DrE, indeed. But I did this mainly for the fun of putting it on twitter to wind up the Alarmists.

Staffordshire man said...

I don't twitter; did it work?

Mark Wadsworth said...

SM, one Alarmist saw the word "dangerous" and retweeted it. I got a dozen comments from Alarmists telling me off, then it fizzled out