Wednesday, 4 July 2018

"Waistcoat sales up as Gareth Southgate sets trend at World Cup"

From The Guardian:

For years, football fans have been able to emulate the look of their idols with replica shirts, but this World Cup something different is happening: supporters are rushing to buy replicas of Gareth Southgate’s England waistcoat.

Marks & Spencer, which has been the official suit supplier to the England team since 2007, said demand for waistcoats has risen 35% thanks to what they say is “the Gareth Southgate effect”.

Ho hum.

1. That's a fairly meaningless statistic, have sales gone up from 100 a year to 135, or from 1 million to 1.35 million?

2. Will people actually wear them, or was it just impulse purchases?

3. Will people stop wearing them if England crash out before the final?