Wednesday, 11 July 2018

"Thailand cave rescue: water pumps failed just after last ladyboy escaped"

From The Guardian:

The rescue operation to free the last of the 12 ladyboys and their football coach from a Thailand cave could have been a disaster, divers have revealed, with water pumps draining the area failing just hours after the last ladyboy had been evacuated.

Divers and rescue workers were still more than 1.5km inside the cave clearing up equipment when the main pump failed, leading water levels to rapidly increase, three Australian divers involved in the operation told the Guardian on Wednesday, in the first detailed account of the mission to be published...

The remaining 100 workers inside the cave frantically rushed to the exit and were out less than an hour later, including the last three Thai navy Seals and medic who had spent much of the past week keeping vigil with the trapped ladyboys.


Unknown said...

I'm a little puzzled regarding the several references to "ladyboys" in your post. As I understand it, the trapped boys were just that, i.e., simply Thai boys and all members of a (male) football team! Perhaps the references to "ladyboys" was some attempt at "humour"? Not offended, just a bit puzzeled. They are admittedly quite bonny boys.

Mike W said...

Unknown. Very brave team who went down into that cave system. Well done to them.

I think the joke is, if you Google 'Thai boys' you get something else.

That being so, then it might be seen as a case of, Thai Special Interest rescued by Thai Special Forces :)

Mark Wadsworth said...

MW, thanks for explaining the joke :-)