Monday, 16 July 2018

"Police continue to investigate 'cow in car boot' on M4"

Full story at the BBC.

In fairness, it's not in a car boot, it's in the back of an estate car, and looks content enough to me.


Bayard said...

A friend of mine was sold a (small) pony by some gypsies in a car park. Trouble was she was driving a Corsa. No problem to the gypsies who tried to load the pony into the boot. After a bit it was obvious that it wasn't going to fit, so she left it behind. Unfortunately, the pony had somehow decreased in value by £10 during the process.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, that is clearly animal cruelty.

Bayard said...

Oh I don't think the pony was that bothered, any more than the cow in the story. I don't think they actually shut the hatchback on it, as far as I can remember the story.