Monday, 30 July 2018

Nobody move or your genitals get hurt!

George Osborne's Evening Standard has really jumped the shark this time:

Infectious diseases such as super-gonorrhoea could spread more rapidly if the UK leaves the European Union, health chiefs have warned.

Britain is said to be under “significant threat” from such diseases after Brexit if the government doesn’t work out a way of maintaining a close working relationship with European health bodies...

“It is in everyone’s interest to maximise cooperation. Diseases do not recognise borders."

Quite. I don't think they recognise EU borders either.


Lola said...

That was probably one of the most stupid Project Fear headlines. Quite clearly when we implement our own border checks and immigration management logic says the opposite will be true.

"A pox on Osborne's house" say I.

Mike W said...

Talking of the merits of small Japanese 'bangers' on the car thread below :)

The BBC has left out what actually happened that caused the political humiliation. Hunt, to cover his epic mistake, launched into singing the whole of the Vapours, 'Turning Japanese' at double speed, hoping that this would disguise his first diplomatic meltdown.


By the third verse,and having hummed the guitar solo, FO bods injected him with the stuff they prime Prince Phillip with on such occasions, and, as the BBC picture shows, he was his normal chirpy self just under an hour later.

I'm guessing, though, no 'Spicey, Peking Dish No 69' on the menu for him later that night.

Graeme said...

It also seems that we won't have anything to put in our sandwiches. Just when you thought we had reached peak project fear ... Is even Theresa May silly enough to stop lorries driving into the UK?

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, it wasn't actually the stupidest, just the most recent.

MW, classic gaffe. Almost makes me like him, to be honest.

G, True Remoaners believe equal and opposite things. We will starve because EU member states will refuse to sell us food and UK farmers will go bankrupt because EU member states will refuse to buy their food.

Physiocrat said...

There is no need to worry about these things because one of the effects of Brexit will be a super-tsunami in the English Channel. It will wipe out the entire south coast, the South Wales coast, the Severn estuary and valley as far as Gloucester, and the Thames at least as far as Teddington, possibly further upstream. Large areas of South London will be flooded, as well as the areas within about a mile of the Thames. The coasts of Spain, Portugal and Franc, however, will be unaffected.

It will be a megacatastrophe such as has not occurred since the end of the Ice Age.