Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Photoshop fail

The first thing I noticed is the kink in the jetty behind the bloke's knee on the right. On closer inspection, the shadows look weird as well:


Mike W said...

I did not spot it at all, as my attention was focused exactly where you would expect.

Bloke on the left, afternoon? Bloke on the right, just after lunch.Mmm are they new -shadow boxing- shorts?

Bayard said...

If you look under the "e" of "the", you will see that there is a cutout from the end of the jetty, hence the discontinuity on the other side. Shadows still look weird, though.

Mike W said...


I had spotted the jetty end on the right hand side, and then moved down to the shadows. Until you pointed it out, I hadn't actually spotted the cutout under 'HE'.

As I confessed, I was too 'AY' to spot anything :)

Turnbull2000 said...

There's a step at the end of the jetty, with a pier on either end. No photoshopping there!