Saturday, 5 May 2018

Adam Ruins Everything: Why you should tell co-workers your salary

He makes a good point here about information assymetry:


Rich Tee said...

I have mixed feelings about it. It depends a lot on what type of job you do. In my occupation I get good feedback from the market on what I am worth. I can even look up salaries on Glassdoor. So discussing my salary with co-workers just risks creating bad feeling.

AVI said...

RT - indeed. It also assumes that any given "large company" can afford to pay most people more, and chooses not to in order to rake in filthy lucre. With the revolution indicated in the video, I would simply expect a boss to say "sure, here's the total budget for this department, we can divide it more equal if you like" - and those earning more than their colleagues would find their salary dropping.

There's also the assumption that a salary is a rate due for the job. But when you are attracting a new candidate for a job, the salary you must offer for your preferred candidate may need to take in to account opportunity costs for that candidate. It's not what you want to pay for the role, it's what they'll accept to leave their current employer and join you, and this will lead to inequality within a department. But so what?

Bayard said...

Matthew 20, 1-16.