Friday, 16 March 2018

"The Three Stooges Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

From Wiki and Wiki:

In the town of Ebbing, Missouri, Mildred Hayes is grieving the rape and murder of her teenage daughter, Angela, seven months earlier.

Angry over the lack of progress in the investigation, Mildred hires three slapstick comedians, called: "MOE", "HOWARD", and "LARRY". The veteran comics upset the townspeople, including Chief Bill Willoughby and Officer Jason Dixon, the latter being a racist and a violent alcoholic with no sense of humour.

The open secret that Willoughby suffers from terminal pancreatic cancer adds to everyone's disapproval. Moe, Howard and Larry are harassed and threatened, but to her son's chagrin, she stays firm about keeping the physical farce going.


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JH, it's a mash up of two films. Follow the links.