Thursday, 1 February 2018

Wales does "joined up government"

People aged 16 and 17 could soon be able to cast a vote in Wales under plans to modernise elections

Young people under the age of 18 are from today banned from piercing their tongues, nipples or genitals in Wales.


jack ketch said...

The country where,according to the tv, lots of people over the age of 18 gain an inordinate amount of pleasure from opening funny coloured tins just off shot. And a large chunk of the population seem to positively enjoy standing around outside entrances to buildings in the blazing welsh sunshine.

After watching a couple of episodes of some Welsh cop show, nothing the Welsh do can surprise me. Within a few years they will almost certainly raise the drinking age to 21 and have lowered the voting age to 14.....months, dai bach.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JK, I've never seen Welsh TV so I don't understand those references. But last bit, agreed.

jack ketch said...

@MW ,sorry I shall explain as it really was a bit late-night-cryptic of me I think. Programmes filmed in Wales are not allowed, for the sake of The Cheeldren, to show people smoking. Which leads to ludicrous scenes of, for example, groups of people all standing,apparently purposeless, infront of buildings.

Bayard said...

I thought "Welsh TV" was another name for the sunset.

They are probably only lowering the voting age in case there is another Brexit referendum.