Thursday, 22 February 2018

"Queen of the South keeper crisis after goalie hurt by cow"

Spotted by Paul F at the BBC:

A Scottish Championship club is facing a selection headache after its reserve goalkeeper* was hit by a runaway cow. First choice goalkeeper Alan Martin is out with a thigh injury with Jack Leighfield standing in.

Queen of the South's Sam Henderson, 19, hurt his shoulder in the incident on his father's farm. Henderson was on the bench for last weekend's draw with Morton and was expected to do the same against Dunfermline on Saturday. However, the accident has meant he is facing a race to be fit.

* I think that young Sam was the reserve reserve goalkeeper. The actual reserve goalkeeper is Jack Leighfield (who happily has not been injured, by a cow or otherwise), but hey. So what the club now needs is a reserve reserve reserve goalkeeper to tide them over.


jack ketch said...

Is SH milking his injury for all it is worth?