Sunday, 7 January 2018

"... well balanced, like any other fine piece of sporting equipment... a pair of matched shotguns for instance."

Here's how they reviewed cars forty years ago, 55 second into this:


formertory said...

Crikey. Where did 40 years go while I evidently wasn't looking?

Mind you, it was a brave man who'd have bought a Fiat 40 - 45 years ago. The Incredible Crumbling Car. My dad had a Fiat 128 which had to be scrapped at four years old, under terminal assault from rust. Support from manufacturer / dealer? Errr, no. A friend had a similar experience with a Fiat 850 which at two years old had repairs to the sills for corrosion. Good engines, though.

But then there was Lancia. Although the Stratos still ranks as a truly beautiful car. even after all these years.

Mark Wadsworth said...

FT, which is why there are only about 200 Fiat X1/9s left. Half of them are in storage and the other half are 'being restored'.

Yes, the Stratos looked great but totally unpractical, even by sports car standards.

Jonathan Bagley said...

Driving a Fiat X1.9 is like making love to a beautiful woman - gazing lovingly at the finely chiselled front end, whilst experiencing the eager thrust of the compact power unit.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Mike W said...


Nice, but will she start even in the cold?