Sunday, 3 December 2017

Good old-fashioned policing

From The Telegraph:

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "Sam was in a critical condition and despite the best efforts of emergency services he sadly later died at hospital.

"He was a talented footballer who had recently started playing for Hattersley FC. He went to Audenshaw School with many friends and lived at home with his parents Sarah and Gary in Denton.

"He has a big brother called Scott, 21, and an older sister called Charlie, 20, and had just become an uncle to his brother’s new baby, Lilly.

"His family said they are completely heartbroken by their loss and although nothing will ever replace losing Sam they hope everyone remembers him for the fun, outgoing and friendly boy he will always be."

Sergeant Lee Westhead, of GMP's Serious Collision Unit, added: "My thoughts are with the victim's family who are being looked after by specially trained officers at this difficult time.

"Whilst we work to uncover how this has happened and piece together the moments before the collision, I am asking the public to help in any way that they can.

"If you were in the area at approximately 5.25pm on December 1 and saw a pedestrian on the motorway, or have dashcam images, please get in touch and share this information."

In accordance with time-honoured tradition, they thank the other emergency services, read out the victim's CV and make a brief eulogy before getting down to the ugly business of calling for witnesses.


DCBain said...

Left out what their house is worth . . amateurs!

JuliaM said...

And they'd say that even if it turned out the deceased was the local ASBO record-holder!

Mark Wadsworth said...

DCB, according to RM, typical semi in that area costs about £120,000.

JM, I knew you'd appreciate this one!

DBC Reed said...

Get focussed.We have our own problems: Tony Blair has come out in favour of Land Value Tax according to Observer. WTF!

Lola said...

DBCR. That is either the kiss of death for LVT, or he thinks he can smarm his way back into labour by raising even more tax from 'the rich' as opposed to using LVT replacing lots of taxes

(And one would have to assume that he's probably cashed out of most of his own 'land' holdings.)

Mike W said...

DBC/Lola, All very Corn Flakes spitting moment. But no more the death of LVT than Boris putting his boot in. I don't think Blair really understands more than his own rhetoric on a 'Middle way'. He just sees a neat,limited mechanism for dealing with the council tax problem, that in the end, killed Thatcher. City budgets balanced on LVT and Business Rate. Impossible Vat, NI, etc, at the higher level.But as stated by Lola and Shiney here, in line with what the EU may allow us to do on 'exit'.In short, typical 'subsiduary' Eurocrat shit. Which is, in fact, where the latest 'intervention' ends if you can bring yourself to read it.

Some corrections for Tony's mates:

'It is the latest attempt by Blair to re-engage with British politics. Friends say he is more interested than ever in domestic issues.WE SHIT YOU NOT. However, some believe the ENTIRELY SELF INFLICTED damage done to his reputation by the Iraq invasion and his money-making activities since leaving office make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to receive a hearing for his latest round of TALKING TO OLD MEDIA CHUMS AT THE GUARDIAN AND BBC, ABOUT GETTING HIS FEET UNDER THE TABLE FOR A 'SPECIALLY DESIGNED' TOP EURO JOB.

'and one would have to assume that he's probably cashed out of most of his own 'land' holdings' My first thought as well, but no, given that I don't think he actually understands :)

Lola said...

MikeW. Yeah. The EU are terrified that we'll just cut taxes (and reform them) and slash regulationism and get much richer. My bet is that May / Hammond have given all sorts of guarantees on 'tax competition.

Blair is just the ultimate weasel. And left and right (and blokes like me who are neither) are unanimous on this.

DBC Reed said...

There is a lot in what you say ,but ,after calming down, I feel that his attempt to stick his oar in, may , by association, make LVT appear so boring and middle way that it no longer appears radically non-establishment: it will quieten the ticking of the bonb perhaps.

Lola said...

DBCR. Sorry old mate, but anything Blair touches gets tainted. No-one in the UK trusts him. I have not met anyone outside his own sphere (his cronies basically, Campbell, Mandleson etc) or those who are deluded wishy-washy 'cool Britannia-ites', that have anything but bile for vile specimen.