Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Daily Mail letting itself down badly

Retired nurse, 61, who strove to be 'the perfect housewife tried to murder her business consultant husband, 64, with a bread knife in their upmarket home

Sorry, but simply describing a home as "upmarket" is not good enough. We need to know what it would sell for.


Rich Tee said...

I feel a strongly worded letter to the editor is in order. This is the Daily Mail, for goodness sake. What is England coming to when the Mail stops mentioning house prices in every paragraph? Should be mentioned in every sentence, I say! I fear for the future, I really do.

Jonathan Bagley said...

This is Scotland. House prices don't change much and aren't of much interest. BTW, Around £270k - 320k.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, that's the spirit.

JB, thanks, that's put my mind at rest.

James Higham said...

And how much each were worth.