Monday, 13 November 2017

Please sir, the dog ate my homework.

From The Evening Standard:

A specialist in infectious diseases feared she had lost seven years of invaluable research on tackling Ebola after a prolific burglar raided her home as she treated ill children, a court heard...

Dr Fitzgerald flew out to Sierra Leone in 2014 to spend seven months helping tackle the spread of the virus, and has just finished her PhD on infectious diseases.

Bonus bit for Daily Mail readers:

Describing the moment, on March 28, when she learned of the break-in at her £1.8 million home...

"I live by myself and the idea of someone breaking in and rifling through my belongings was a violation."


Curtis said...

Interesting to see more people becoming pro-LVT

A few KLNs but less worse than it used it be

Tees Maid said...

"lost seven years of invaluable research"

What's the problem? Restore your backup.