Thursday, 28 September 2017

Let's hear it for the donkey!

Says Graeme, who spotted this story:

A peckish donkey caused thousands of euros worth of damage and landed his owner in court after confusing an orange-coloured supercar for a carrot, a German court has heard...

Despite not holding a grudge against the donkey, the businessman is seeking compensation from the donkey owner’s insurer to cover the cost. However, the insurance company have refused to pay out, arguing he should have chosen a better parking spot.

Reminding us that life copies satire. From Newsthump (July 2017):

Local resident Simon Williams told us,”First of all the car is orange. Orange.

“What sort of attention-seeking prick drives around in an orange sports car. I’ll tell you the sort, the sort that is crying out to have the piss taken out of him when he inevitably destroys the thing because he’s a shit driver.

“So we have a prick driving too fast in a bright orange car that costs more than a first home and we’re surprised that public sympathy for his predicament is non-existent. Yeah, I’ve got to be honest, I’m not all that sympathetic.


Lola said...

Oh Gawd. That's me told. In my less lucid and darker moments I covet one of these in their traditional colour...