Monday, 11 September 2017

Fun Online Polls: Student immigration numbers, hurricanes and man-made climate change.

The results to last fortnight's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Should students from overseas be included in the UK's maximum immigration target?

Yes - 58%
No - 21%
We shouldn't have a maximum immigration target - 8%
I'm heartily indifferent to the whole topic - 12%
Other, please specify - 2%

That answers that question, I suppose. But as the official target is a made-up number which the UK government cannot achieve and has no intention of achieving anyway (it's an 'aspiration' rather than a 'target) and the net number of overseas students who overstay is apparently quiet small, I don't suppose it matters.
It's hurricane season again. It's been pretty bad this year in the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico and this year's monsoon was pretty hefty in India.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see that many (possibly most) BBC articles or news bulletins don't contain the solemn statement that the severity of hurricanes has increased because of man-made climate change.

So that's this week's Fun Online Poll:

Are this year's strong hurricanes and Indian monsoon evidence of man-made climate change?

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paulc156 said...

Since 'warming' (ocean warming, specifically)is directly linked to increased hurricane and storm conditions more generally by climate models then it is surely offering further evidence of warming. The models predict occurs...sooooooo? I don't see any way you can extrapolate that conclusion to specifically identify the warming with the 'man made' variety. It would be expected occur no matter what the explanation for the warming was.

Mark Wadsworth said...

PC, you are an absolute joy, being entirely 100% predictable. When I wrote the post, I thought, I bet PC will be along to give us a stern lecture, and you did.

paulc156 said...

MW. Always a pleasure. Particularly since the 'but it stopped warming' brigade seems to have gone awol.

Bayard said...

P156c. I'm with you there. Only a nutter would deny that the world has got warmer since the Industrial Revolution, but as to why, as you say, that's a different ball game.