Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Nobody move or the fry-up gets it!

The Guardian makes itself look stupid.

Not sure even George Osborne's Evening Standard would stoop that low.


Bayard said...

Well, considering you pay around a fiver in a cafe, that's got to be bollocks.

Dinero said...

Totally bizarre.

Olive oil ?

£6 each ?

The picture has black pudding , beans , sausages, chips, bread , mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs , origin unspecified.

Even their own figures don't come to £3 for four they come to £0.80 for four.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, Din, like I said, they are making themselves look stupid, no grasp of the basics of a fry-up.

James Higham said...

Long time since I bought any meals out, even from a takeaway. Better at home.

mombers said...

Surprised there was no balance to this article. There is no obligation to levy tariffs. Would it be ok under WTO rules though to unilaterally say 0% on stuff from the EU? Or does it have to be multilateral to not apply to every WTO member? That would be rather silly but then again who knows

Lola said...

Mombers. It's the Gruniad. Do you really expect 'balance'? Or economic logic? I 'read' the Torygraph, largely as I enjoy the crossword, but most of the content just makes me, well, cross.

A K Haart said...

Isn't this the cardiac arrest breakfast we shouldn't be eating anyway?

ontheotherhand said...

My goodness what brazen lies from KPMG. Take orange juice for example. They claim the price will go up if we continue getting it from Spain and apply WTO tariffs. Let's just get it from Africa instead.

The EU has just increased tariffs on imported oranges five fold from 3.2% to 15% to protect the Spanish. Ever since the 80s there has been a rash of expensive intervention from the EU on oranges. Firstly, before we got the taste for orange juice in the 80s there was a surplus, and the Spanish were paid to rip up their trees. Then as they couldn't match African prices in the 90s, imports were blocked for 'pest transmission' safety reasons/excuses.

They deny to Africa the same ladder out of poverty that we enjoyed in history to produce and export their way out of poverty, so that we end up spending more on food, and then send Aid.

paulc156 said...

OTOH. To be fair re history of British exports, the way we 'did it' was to invade and compel the said foreign lands to import our finished products after we'd first made them give us their raw commodities, for a pittance.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, it's only a proper fry-up if you buy it in a caff.

M, the rules appears to be
a) you have to charge the same tariffs on imports from all countries, so zero tariffs on EU stuff = zero tariffs on stuff from everywhere else (good rule) and
b) unless you are in a customs union (EU, ASEAN, NAFTA etc) in which case you can charge lower/zero tariffs on stuff from within that union (bad rule).

L, they're all biased, the intelligent person learns to adjust depending on what he is reading. So best to read Mirror and Sun versions, or Graun and Telegraph versions and try and interpolate the truth.

AKH, that's an extra level of hypocrisy from the banstrubators at the Graun.

OTOH, agreed, agreed and agreed. Trade not aid!

PC, very true. Benefitted the few not the many. Happily, we have moved on from that.