Saturday, 15 July 2017

Motorhead: Part 2

Two things. I loved Motorhead, Motorhead. But I cannot honestly say that I had the endurance to listen to whole sides let alone whole albums.

I have been researching around and have found that a German has recovered the essential bits of Lemmy so, although he is technically dead, he is still touring and giving live performances. See here
In the recent spirit of folks answering rock n roll questions before they have been posed. I  will make the following predictions about the future. In Motorhead: Part 3 next, I will comment sagely: 'Three Motorhead threads? Surely that is Overkill?


Mark Wadsworth said...

In Windows you just hold down alt and press 0246.

Mike W said...

Thanks will give it an edit.

What do you think of Compressorhead? The drummer has to have an extra set of arms! Made me laugh.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The drums were too loud, there was no singing, but apart from that, surprisingly authentic.