Friday, 7 July 2017

Happy Tenth Blogday To Us!

'Twas on the very day and moment, ten years ago, that I did my first post. Here we are, twelve thousand posts and five million pageviews later...

Thanks to all my fellow contributors and commenters (the two groups largely overlap)!

What I have noticed is that in the old days, we used to comment on each other's blogs, but nowadays, most people seem to have their favourite couple of blogs and only comment on those; and most bloggers only comment on their own blogs (I am as guilty of this as anybody).


Steven_L said...

Well done!

I've had 4 blogs in that time, all long since deleted. My first ever blog was started back in 2006 and just a cricket blog. I probably should have stuck with that one.

But it's been a pleasure to read, comment and contribute here, so thanks for having me :)

mombers said...

Great stuff Mark, it's been a great 10 years

A K Haart said...

Many congratulations. You are right about how commenting has changed, not sure why though. In my case it could be time, too much to read so less time to comment.

Lola said...

I do comment elsewhere. However the discussions on here are very informative and educational. Elsewhere they tend to descend into slanging matches. Apart from Guido, of course, which is like the scurrilous pamphleteering of days gone bye.

ThomasBHall said...

Congratulations to you and the other blog contributors and commentators! And thank you as well- for while there are some days I wish I’d never heard of LVT, this blog has had an important influence on my thinking and life.

DBC Reed said...

This blog is always my first port of call.You've done well to keep it interesting and relevant. Congrats!

Mike W said...

Congratulations on ten years. I have always felt this site, and your contribution, were the major example of a 'living', fighting, Georgist meeting space.Rather than simply an achieve of material. Why I come here,and hardly anywhere else... left or right.

Very much in the spirit of the comments above, I too would like to express how I wish I had never heard of Henry George.... but would add, wish I had never heard of Mark Wadsworth too.

And to all the others who post here and would disrupt former happy certainty:Dam you all.

Shiney said...

You've made me angrier and grumpier than ever! So much so that I joined my first political party...damn You! ;-D


(ps.. and increased my use of exclamation marks when commenting!!!!)

JuliaM said...

Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more.

Mark Wadsworth said...

SL I still remember the Kirsty Allsop one.

M, ta.

AKH, maybe there's a dwindling number of blogs so on average, more commenters per blog?

L, you've been at the receiving end of enough uncalled for slagging off here :-)

TBH: "I wish I’d never heard of LVT" Me too, but you can't unknow things.

DBC, ta.

MW, I wasn't particularly Georgist ten years ago, it's just the more the Homeys come up with their baseless KLNs, the more rabid I get.

Sh, thanks for coming on board and I'm angry too, it's what keeps me going.

JM, thanks, I know you started yours before I did, but when?

Dick Puddlecote said...

It's been hectic in Puddlecoteville of late so I missed this. Congrats mate, your output is astonishing even after 10 years! :)