Monday, 10 April 2017


Page 195 of this gives up-to-date statistics on home ownership, broken down, as they say, by age and sex, as well as many other categories. Possibly a useful resource.


Lola said...

Crikey! A table that gives statistics on people broken down by age and sex! Sounds like they had lots of fun...

Mike W said...

Good find Bayard.

Lola, Sociology behind everything! I noticed the social class grids a,b,c1,c2 stuff as well as sex and age. You would think that class no longer existed from listening to the BBC and politicians, and yet how do they understand the world?

I sat my wife down in front of the computer and said, Look at this data.' And then ran through the pages. 'There, that's all a 'technocratic politician' has in there mind when they spout on TV about what the 'right thing to do is'. She knows, but it helps to remind :)

Home Ownership on page 195 seems to have a rather large youngster owning group -blip, rather than being a simple line up to the oldies. Inheritance tax strategy, money moved very quickly now?