Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Something Really Good to come out of Brexit


If I'd've known that successfully voting Leave would would also come with the added benefits of (even partially) shutting up the smug git, I would have been doubly cheerful..


Shiney said...

Yes he is somewhat smug... as are all the middle-class lefty-leaning comedians IME. And why is it that most are left? I don't get it.

Anyone know of any comedians who aren't pinkos? (and I'm not talking about racists like Chubby Brown) The only one I can think of is Dominic Frisby.

Graeme said...

The real mystery is why people pay money to watch Brigstocke in the first place.

paulc156 said...

Right wing comics are a bit of an anachronism. They are a bit too establishment and as such more likely to be the subject of jokes than the teller of them.

Bayard said...

I think Brigstocke's problem is that he is a left winger before he is a comedian: he cares more about getting his political points across than being funny. There's lots of absurdities in both the way the Leave campaign was handled, the current antics of the Beleavers and the way the Tories are going about the process, but they can be pointed out and made fun of without being blatantly anti-Brexit. If he was a comedian first, he would poke a bit of fun at some of the Bremoaners' absurdities as well, it's not as if there isn't lots of material.