Saturday, 15 April 2017

Another Monumentally Stupid Idea

Here we go again.

Why will these people never learn that in every case all these scrappage subsidy schemes simply pass straight through the hands of the 'consumer' into the hands of whatever producer is at the end of the chain.

In this case a secondary effect is to reduce the supply of used cars hence forcing up prices.  Which would also deal with the possible low resale values of all those cars on PCP schemes landing on the balance sheets of the car companies.

Oh, hang on a minute.  Yes.  Silly me.

(There was another article on the DT website about this today, but I can't find it now).


pen seive said...

Have heard that a local man is trying to find the name of the (then) Minister who promoted diesel cars to the public, with the aim of taking him to the small claims court for the £3,000 he reckons he will lose in selling his car. Not certain if this is an urban rumour but what fun it would be if it was true.

Mark Wadsworth said...

From the article: "Families would have to swap their polluting cars for low emission-producing vehicles, public transport tickets, a car club membership or even a new bicycle, he will suggest.

If I had a diesel, I'd stick with it.