Sunday, 19 February 2017

"Not just the Daily Mail…"

… says Mark C, who spotted this corker in The Evening Standard:

A murder investigation has been launched after a young man was killed during a mass fight on a suburban street in north London.

Police rushed to Heathfield Gardens, where houses cost around £1 million, at around 7.15pm on Friday following reports of a number of males fighting.


pen seive said...

So what do the houses cost at 9pm on a Wednesday?

Mark Wadsworth said...

PS, we'll find out when somebody gets murdered on that street at 9 on Wednesday.

Bayard said...

"a number of males fighting"

I wonder what other species were involved. Dogs, possibly, but it was very thorough of them to check.

DBC Reed said...

The piece on Dacre in the Observer this Sunday cane up with the peculiar statistic that The Mail is read by more women than men.This in my view goes some way to explain its distinctive Fishwife politics :" house prices must rise for ever" and "bash that immigrant".