Friday, 6 January 2017

That Top Gear expedition got nowhere near the North Pole.

They showed that episode again over the holidays, all great TV and so on, but if you pay attention at the end, the co-ordinates on the satnav shows latitude 78 deg.

Wikipedia's write-up says that they reached the Magnetic North Pole, which is very close to the true/geographic North Pole (which has latitude 90 deg, obviously).

Not true, they had reached the Geomagnetic North Pole, which as the map in the previous link shows is hundreds of miles further south. They set off from Resolute, which has latitude 74 deg, which is to the north of the geomagnetic North Pole, so on the outward journey they were heading south (or south-east or south-west or whatever).

So AFAICS, epic fail.


Rich Tee said...

I can't watch it because it is only shown on Dave nowadays and I can't get Dave due to bad reception.

It should be on BBC iPlayer because the production costs have already been paid by the licence fee. Channel 4 have programmes going back to the 1980s on their catch-up service.

Dave is 50 per cent owned by the BBC and carries advertising, and I would have to take out a subscription to Sky to watch it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, have you got Free view?

Rich Tee said...

I can't get Freeview currently due to bad reception. I would have to pay for a new, high gain aerial to be put up outside. I could do that I suppose, but I don't see why old BBC programmes aren't on iPlayer when their production costs have already been paid by the licence fee.

I can watch the new Grand Tour on Amazon just fine because it is streamed over broadband, which is fine where I live (not the fastest but fast enough).

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, sorry to hear that. I only use Freeview and it's great.