Monday, 23 January 2017

Fun Online Polls: Group think & USA military spending

The results to last fortnight's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Who is most in thrall to group think?

Tabloid readers 33 votes
Academics 67 votes
Journalists generally 57 votes
the BBC in particular 79 votes
Economists 56 votes
Other, please specify 10 votes

114 voters in total, over half chose the BBC and academics. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have include "climate scientists" as a category.

Suggestion for other included: non-smokers, smokers, actors, politicians, Students/SJWs/#GenerationSnowflake* and visitors to this blog.

* I dislike SJWs as much as the next man, but what worries me is that the term "snowflake" is being extended to everybody under 40 who don't own their own home and realise somewhere that they are being conned.
This week's Fun Online Poll, in the context of the general Donald Trump tomfoolery:

"Without Googling first, how much is the USA's annual military spending?"

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Rich Tee said...

I missed that poll but I would have said executives in corporations and public sector organisations

James Higham said...

Annual military spending? Vastly less than it will be.

paulc156 said...

Still haven't checked the actual figure but guessed at $500bn. What I do remember is about 10 years ago looking at a pie chart for global military spending and seeing the US occupy about half of it/or maybe a bit more than half. And as I remember it they were spending about ten times as much as their nearest rival;China. Trump probably needs to get the military on side though because if things start to go pear shaped domestically he could be relying on them rather heavily to keep things in check on the home front.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, good ones.

JH, who do you want them to invade next?

PC, yrs, it's about half global total spend. And yes, trump will want to keep MIB onside as well as having plenty armed police.