Monday, 7 November 2016

Transatlantic LOLZ

From today's Evening Standard:

Americans who fear a Trump victory were today urged to follow the example of singer and plan an escape route to “cheaper” London to take advantage of the plummeting pound.

Also from today's Evening Standard, but I can't find the article online:

The country faces an "exodus" in the wake of the Brexit vote, according to novelist Zadie Smith. The writer, who found fame with her debut novel White Teeth, grew up in London but lives and works in New York...


Bayard said...

"The country faces an "exodus" in the wake of the Brexit vote,"

Well that will make the net migration figures look a bit better, then.

DBC Reed said...

Apropos the relative attractiveness of living in this country, did anybody see Liam Halligan's relatively forthright "Britain's Home Building Scandal" for Despatches last night (Monday 8.00 pm)? There is a related Spectator article (on Net) "Radical reform is the only solution.." (5th Nov).
Halligan's line is that the big oligopolistic building firms are sitting on land to put up house prices and that the Tories including Sajid Javid are beginning to panic with wild talk about taxes and fines for land banking.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, true dat. But we'll be swamped with bourgeois Yanks if Trump wins.

DBC, I did not watch it, but that all sounds very promising.

Robin Smith said...

You heard it here first - soon the US debate will revolve around Free Trade. The problem here is a problem squared. Trump has been labelled "anti Free Trade". But the term has yet to be defined clearly and understood by everyone with the power to do anything with it. In the UK govt, Free Trade is in actuality Protectionism(high tariffs(tax) = higher prices to protect special interests and real estate). So does Trump think the same way as the quasi prime minister, or does he understand the true meaning of it? And then which is he "anti". If authentically Free Trade then bingo for LVT'ers, because then it must become clear to anyone not possessed by ideological spirits that taxation is evil and LVT is justice by direct implication. You hear it here - Free Trade will be the main topic soon econommicaly in the US.