Monday, 21 November 2016

Fun Online Polls: Speeding fines & picking winners

The responses to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

In the last ten years, have you ever had a speeding ticket for exceeding the speed limit by… Choose the lowest which applies.

Up to 10 mph - 19%
10 to 20 mph - 7%
20 to 30 mph - 7%
I haven't had a speeding ticket for ten years - 67%

Hmm. Where I live (south east England) everybody seems to merrily exceed the speed limit by up to 10 mph as a matter of course. It strikes me that - ignoring legal speed limits on any particular stretch of road - the most sensible speed is "roughly the same speed as everybody else" so I have grown accustomed to it - unless it is a clearly marked residential area with a 20 mph limit, where you aren't just risking a ding or a scratch, you might actually injure a pedestrian or generally wind up people in their homes, so I stick to that religiously. I didn't realise that this many people got speeding tickets for doing a few miles over. Bugger.
And lo, our PM has spoken!


The new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, overseen by UK Research and Innovation, will back projects covering a number of priority technologies and help Britain build on existing strengths in research and development. Despite its strengths in science, Britain has until now been relatively weak on commercialisation, meaning that all too often ideas developed in this country end up being commercialised elsewhere.

Government will consult on how the fund can best support emerging fields such as robotics and artificial intelligence, industrial biotechnology and medical technology, satellites, advanced materials manufacturing and other areas where the UK has a proven scientific strength and there is a significant economic opportunity for commercialisation.

So a nice list of buzzwords plucked out of the air then?

That's this week's Fun Online Poll, which of these do you think are worthy of subsidies?

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Rich Tee said...

I've noticed that you have a banner saying "Protect Tenants from Unfair Evictions".

Anybody who believes in this mustn't support Philip Davies who is MP for Shipley in any way, he forcefully opposes giving private tenants any more rights. He recently talked a bill out of parliament.

If he is your MP you should give him as much grief as possible on as many occasions as possible.

L fairfax said...

I have seen roads in Sussex/Surrey where the speed limit is far too high (50 mph and visibility of 60 feet max often 30 feet) interestingly no one gets even close to the limit!

Lola said...
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Lola said...

Speed 'limits' are arbitrary. There are streets in my town 'limited' to 30 where it is absolutely not safe to do mare than 20 MAX. But other places 'limited' to 30 where you can do 40 safely. The former has cars parked on both sides of a narrow street and the latter is a wide boulevard with superb sight lines and you can actually 'see' for at least half a mile.

Guess where the police put the most speed traps?

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT ta.

LF and L, luckily most people aren't stupid. Sadly, a few are.

L I guess the straight safe one.

Bayard said...

L, AFAICR from my last re-education session, street lights = 30 limit regardless of the nature of the road, which may account for many anomalies. I suspect 20 limits are only introduced where people bother to make a fuss about them and 30 is the default low limit.

Bayard said...

RT the problem about "rights" for tenants and landlords, as demonstrated by recent history is that it is a problem impossible to solve. Give the tenants more rights and bad tenants will exploit good landlords. Give the landlords more rights and the reverse happens. Give each side equal rights and you get both happening, not neither.