Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fun Online Polls: Refuelling Russian warships & That Article 50 judgment.

The results to last week-and-a-half's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Would it particularly bother you if Spain allowed a Russian warship to refuel in a Spanish-controlled port?

Yes - 7%
No - 89%
Other, please specify - 4%

Good, it appears that I'm with the majority on that one.

Top comment:

SlightlyChilly: War Back in the GODs there was a face off between two Superpowers. Nowadays, arguing about who should refuel a museum piece rustbucket from an economically irrelevant backwater is a transparent nonsense.
And on to that Court decision on whether the govt can trigger Article 50 without a vote in the House of Commons or a new Act of Parliament, about which millions of words have been written, mainly by non-experts which includes me so I wont bother adding to it. I did one or two units of constitutional law on my law degree and AFAICS they just make it up as they go along.

What is interesting is that the decision itself appears to be unclear what the government is now supposed to do.

Let's see if we can guess what will happen next…

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Rich Tee said...

Re: SlightlyChilly's comment.

It is worth checking out Adam Curtis' new documentary HyperNormalisation on BBC iPlayer. It's about how power is now exercised behind the scenes and we are just fed deception that we don't believe.

It contains a fascinating sequence from New York in the 1970s where the bankers fail to turn up for a meeting with the city major to renegotiate the city's debt. This is identified as a key moment when power changes hands from the politicians to "the bankers".

Frank said...

Other. One of the following:
1. The government will appeal, win and trigger article 50
2. The government will appeal, lose, introduce a bill which parliament will approve and the government will trigger article 50
3. As 2. but parliament rejects the bill, early general election with article 50 as a manifesto point. Tories returned with increased majority and trigger article 50.

1 and 2 are equally likely. I included 3 as a faint possibility but I don't think it will happen.