Sunday, 16 October 2016



Well, FFS it's taken you lot how long to admit this?  We told you it was all a bad idea at outset and the actions your 'project' has taken has just compounded the error.

I'm truly speechless.


Physiocrat said...

It is just waiting for a nudge and will collapse. We will not, unfortunately, escape the fall-out.

Lola said...

P. Correct. We need to invoke Art 50 pdq. At the moment the UK is on the hook for about £982 Bn of contingent guarantees to the EU banking system, which in reality means the Euro.

Bayard said...

Yes, but we can't actually leave until 2 years after we invoke article 50 AFAIK, and sure as shit we will remain on the hook for those two years, right up until the last second.

Lola said...

B Agreed. Therefore the sooner we get on with it the better. Plus once we'd invoked it we'd have a bloody sight easier time arguing about not bailing them out.