Tuesday, 6 September 2016

All I need now is a clever play on words using "meddle" and "medal"...

From The Evening Standard:

A crackdown on bogus war heroes who wear medals they did not receive is set to be backed by the Government.

Ministers are poised to support a private members bill to stop so-called “Walter Mitty” characters disrespecting soldiers and their families. The new bill has been put forward by Dartford MP Gareth Johnson.

A Government source said: “On the face of it, this looks a very sensible bill that will strengthen and reinforce current safeguards.” The bill would stop people wearing medals or insignia they are not entitled to when they intend on deceiving the public.

From The Daily Telegraph:

The Earl of Wessex, who famously failed to complete his Royal Marines commando course and never saw active service, nevertheless holds nine honorary military appointments in the UK and Canada.

Today he chose to wear the dress uniform of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, a reserve armoured regiment, of which he is Royal Honorary Colonel. It enables him to wear a striking scarlet peaked cap and gold braid, while on his chest he wears the Silver Jubilee Medal, the Golden Jubilee Medal, the Diamond Jubilee Medal and the New Zealand Commemorative Medal. Beneath his medals he wore the insignia of the Order of the Garter and the Royal Victorian Order.


Mike W said...

Little ponce:'It's that bloody historian's fault, keeps referring to the ancestors as the 'armoured classes'.


Little ponce:'They call the unit an armoured division: 'Being I get the frankly gay uniform and the blokes do the dying... don't you know?'


Little ponce: 'They said a D Day uniform. I jumped straight in and 'dressed' up like this.

Glad to help :)

pen seive said...

I suppose it makes a change from him wearing his wife's frocks.