Wednesday, 10 August 2016

"Despite Brexit fears" is the new "underlying warming trend"

I googled the phrase for fun and the first two pages gave me the following hits in the last week (ignoring duplicates):

UK consumers carry on spending despite Brexit fears

Food prices continue to fall despite Brexit fears

Dutch bankruptcy rate continues to decline, despite Brexit fears (WTF?)

Wells Fargo shrugs off Brexit fears

City house prices grow by over 10% in a year despite Brexit fears

Despite Brexit fears, the Chinese have confirmed a £1.7 billion investment to regenerate Royal Albert Docks in London

So remember kids, if the weather gets warmer, it's global warming but if it gets colder, that's merely masking the "underlying warming trend". If there's negative economic news, it's "because" of Brexit fears; if there's positive economic news, that's "despite" etc etc.


A K Haart said...

Ha ha, the Brexit gift to hack journalists. They should be grateful.

Dinero said...

> Mark W ,

good observation Mark.

Bayard said...

Global warming, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn: that's blame sponges for the weather, the economy and politics. How can we possibly have anything to grumble about now?