Wednesday, 24 August 2016

"Crazy Cow Attacks Farmer"

Emailed in by Sackerson from Iceland Review:

"I thought my days were numbered,” stated María Jóhannsdóttir, cattle farmer at the farm Kúskerpi in Skagafjörður, North Iceland, after being attacked by a cow, which was about to calve, RÚV reports…

“I walked to her and then she started mooing loudly and threw me to the floor. She stepped on me and banged her head against me and held me there for about ten minutes while I tried to stand up,” María recounted.

Finally, María got to her feet, sore and in pain. “I was able to lean against a rail which is a meter up on a concrete wall, and I could hang on to it. She kept going and I was so overcome and exhausted that I thought my days were numbered, right there.” María held on to the rail for another ten minutes while the cow kept attacking and even bit her. She finally managed to get out of the stall.

“I was completely finished, and I had fainted there, where we feed the cows. I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t. Then my grandchild arrived… and asked if something was wrong. I told her to get help, to tell grandpa I was hurt.”

María was transported by ambulance to Akureyri. She considers herself lucky not to be seriously injured. No bones are broken, but she’s bruised all over. The cow has been calm since it calved. María reports that in her 33 years as a cattle farmer, such a thing has never occurred to her, although cows are known to act aggressively when they are close to calving, especially if they’re outdoors.

“No, I’ve never encountered such incredible wickedness, but then, again, the stable is brand new, and maybe the stable disturbed her, or these new surroundings,” María suggested.


pen seive said...

What was Cherie Blair doing in Iceland?

Mark Wadsworth said...

PS, over there she is called Cherie Blairdottir.