Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Quote of the Day (Well, yesterday actually)

Driving along on our holibobs Mrs L reading out snippets of the news from her iPhone:
"Coo, the Pope has announced that the Catholic Church has been too harsh on communities like gay people.  Just because someone is homosexual it does not mean that they are not Christian.  The Church needs to reform" [slight paraphrase].
"He's right. It's about time the Catholic Church fucking reformed!".
Collapse of stout party.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"stout party"?

Bayard said...

I wonder if all those Bremainers who say that we should stay in the EU because it is better than our crappy Tory government would be interested in joining the Catholic Church because it has such a good Pope.

Come to think about, what was the last time that England decided to leave an undemocratic pan-European authority? Ah yes, Henry VIII, one of England's worst kings, took us out of the Catholic Church in the C16th, for reasons entirely unconnected with religion. Sounds familiar?