Monday, 16 May 2016

The Daily Mirror channels its inner Daily Mail

From The Daily Mirror:

Mum died after plunging down 50ft well 'while gardening' at £600,000 home

Irina Nadiotis, 58, is thought to have been stuck in the well of her £600,000 Grade II-listed home for up to two hours before her body was recovered.

A mum-of-two died after plunging down a 50-foot well in the garden of her Grade II-listed home. Irina Nadiotis, 58, fell down the hole while apparently gardening at her 17th century townhouse in the Cotswolds on Saturday.

It is thought that she was stuck in the well for up to two hours before her body was recovered by rescue crews, according to her neighbours. Ms Nadiotis had only recently moved into the £600,000 property, and locals said she might not have realised there was a well at her new home.

It lacks the Daily Mail's subtlety and impish humour, instead going for the sledgehammer of mentioning the value of the house three times in the headline and the next five sentences.

Must try harder.

Unreported is whether the woman was ever a drummer for Spinal Tap.