Saturday, 21 May 2016

Raging Bull

Emailed in by Robert Hale, from Worcester News:

A HEROIC paramedic armed with only a welly managed to pacify a raging bull attempting to trample an injured farmer to death.

Emergency medical technician Keith Harrison's brave actions have been praised by his colleagues who believe he saved them and the patient, who had a fractured neck and broken leg, from further injuries and potentially death at McCartneys livestock auctions, Nunnery Way.

As well as being awarded the chief officer's commendation, his workmates at Worcester Ambulance Station presented him with the "Order of the Bull" for his bravery and "bull-whispering skills" yesterday morning (Thursday).

… his colleague Mr Edwards believes his actions saved the farmer and them from death or injury.

He said: "The bull was really kicking off, he wasn't happy and began charging and jumped on top of a flimsy gate. His head and chest were over and he was trying to get the farmer who was about a metre and a half away from him.

"It was a sheep pen and a bull's weight is all at the front of his body so the metal began to buckle. We knew if he got out, which looked likely, he would trample the farmer to death. I was shaking the gate trying to scare him back, the farmer's wife was shouting at the bull - nothing was working - then Keith took hold of the welly.

"He began waving the welly in front of the bull and whacked him on the nose, I honestly thought it would enrage the bull more. After a few whacks with the welly, the bull jumped off the wall and just retreated backwards.

"I've been a paramedic for 25 years and it was probably one of the scariest scenarios I have ever been in. The bull was so big and strong it would have killed the farmer and probably us if it wasn't for Keith's actions."

We love a cow attack story, especially one with plenty of graphic detail and a happy ending.