Wednesday, 11 May 2016

"It's a beautiful day"

This fairly recent Michael Bublé song is the perfect background music for smug middle aged people to drive round in their open-topped cars, so I have heard it quite a few times in recent weeks.

It was only a couple of days ago that I actually listened to the lyrics. Unlike most pop songs they are not stream of consciousness gibberish, they are in fact gloriously spiteful.

Here's an excerpt from A-Z Lyrics:

'Cause you may not believe, that baby, I'm relieved,
When you said goodbye, my whole world shined

Hey hey hey, it's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling
If we're drinking, then I'm buying...[etc]


Random said...

Like this :-)

DBC Reed said...

Apropos the late-onset sports car mania, did anybody see the repeat of "The Magnificent Machines: The Golden Age of the British Sports car" which was on TV recently? What became apparent was that a very significant number of middle-class young men in the 1950's became obsessed with the wide range of not-cheap sports cars made in the UK and a tidy number in the US where there were mass exports. As the motor cycle had ditto effects on the not so well-off here and fashionable people in the US (Bob Dylan and most of the Crickets rode Triumphs/Buddy Holly/ Ariel), there was clearly a lot of productive activity going on sporty transportwise.So where did it all go? Why did it all disappear? Naturally, I blame the abolition of Schedule A of Income Tax on owner occupiers in 1963 for putting up house prices and crowding out more fun spending .Really, I blame the Tories who never put a foot right in the early 60's and inflicted permanent damage.

Mark Wadsworth said...

R, yes.

DBC, I did, and yes, one of the people featured said that he paid as much for his Triumph or MG or Austin Healey (can;t remember which) as he did for his house. The UK car industry was protected by tariffs and manufacturers had loads of cheap test tracks in the form of ex-WW2 airfields.

DBC Reed said...

@MW Homeownerism has since eaten into the national soul.The bloke in question ( I think) did buy a house eventually but didn't bother with any furniture.
There are people who adhere to the old ways, ignoring the changing political and economic reality.I was talking in the pub to a 60+ Scouse woman , a riot who takes nothing seriously, who was moaning that she wished they hadn't bought her Development Corporation house because they would have preferred to pay a modest rent and for the council to do repairs. Her husband is a Liverpool FC fanatic who doesn't drive and walked every evening to the pub until they closed all three on his estate. Her drinking companions at the time ,ladies of a similar age from a Northampton or London background were shocked at her downright unBritish attitude to homeownership.
If there is any hope (of stopping all money disappearing into land)it is (getting all Orwellian) among the football fans, Liverpudlians, people who don't want a career, and those who distrust the corrupt Establishment as a reflex.

Mike W said...

DBC Reed,

There you go. I did try to discuss the fear (among Labour members)of actually forming a Labour government after an EU exit thing.

Seems Mason has also been thinking about it.

Can you hear those guns?

Bayard said...

"Homeownerism has since eaten into the national soul."

Also the blithe acceptance of debt. I reckon the last pockets of resistance to HOism were mopped up in the early to mid eighties and the credit card spelt the beginning of the end of the notion that debt was bad. When did they first come out, mid seventies?

DBC Reed said...

Brexit was originally a left-wing movement, for obvious reasons: government help for industry is against EU law. Thicky Thatcher had to dodge about to get Nissan to move to the site of the old Sunderland airport in defiance of EU edict.
I voted NO2 EU (Bob Crow's outfit) in the last general election.
As Mason says, even-thicker Johnson wants to make resurrect Thatcherism and make the UK " a neo-liberal fantasy island" where everything will be turned over to the market.Fellow travellers on here will be in agreement as long as he intros LVT so that the spending power released from land rents can be grabbed by rent seekers in health, education, the media and transport. But tough titty.LVT will be the first policy under the police horses' hooves .