Sunday, 8 May 2016

EU Related Failure Linkfest

CAP - Here

Bank of England - Carney Says that on BREXIT the Bank will cut interest rates.  So, he's got an infallible crystal balls then?  Seemingly, no. Also, he seems very confused.

Update 1a:  Not talking to Markie Karno are you Georgie.  So more people will be able to buy houses and savers will get the proper rate for their savings? Just please explain why this is a bad thing?

Update  1b. In passing the BoE record on setting the 'right' interest rate is woeful. They are expert at lagging 'inflation', or rather their preceding rate setting/money supply policies precipitate 'inflation' - which is entirely understandable as they mis-define inflation. (In passing, just why is the Bank tasked with maintaining 'price stability'?  How can they possibly do that?  How is price stability defined exactly? And just why should prices be stable? How can they ever know enough about everything in the economy {indigenous and global} to be able to calculate just what they have to do to get 'price stability. Whatever that is?). Of course all the same crap applies in the EU/Eurozone.

MI6 and MI5 - The former management that they are not capable of 'keeping the UK secure on BEXIT'. Oh really.  What do the current management say?  And if they also can't do it. we'll sack them and a couple of people who can.

Update 2.  Not just me that thinks that then?

That nice gentle completely totally not authoritarian Theresa May is finding out how stuff actually works when in the the EU, when she actually wants to stay in.  Surreal.

(Now being nagged to 'go and do something' by distaff side - will update later).


Mark Wadsworth said...

Re T May, indeed! The purists will point out that the ECHR and the EU are two different things, but seeing as being in the ECHR is a condition of being a member state of the EU, that's hair splitting.

(I got my Brownie points in early this weekend by spending four hours clipping hedges and taking leaves to the council dump yesterday, today's my day off!)

Bayard said...

"Just please explain why this is a bad thing?"

Because it means that the Tories will be out of office if house prices fall. You know that, I know that and Georgie knows that, but it will be interesting to see how he avoids saying that.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Update 1a, excellent.