Saturday, 23 April 2016

Rules of Thumb #1

If all the Establishment are for something on the basis that is is good for everyone else, you can bet your bottom Dollar that it is bad for everyone else but very good for them.


Mark Wadsworth said...


DBC Reed said...

@L Don't be ridiculous! You are the Establishment: or one the Establishment's useful idiots spouting laissez faire and few twade hooway! will set you fwee.Until Obama comes along to show you there's no free trade, just the dominance of the world's biggest most laissez faire economy.Never mind :a few tears before bed time and all will be well.That nasty man will soon go away.You've had a nasty shock.

Lola said...

@DBCR There you go again - sonny. I am deeply impressed by your ability to look at something and the evidence and facts and come to exactly the 180 degree wrong conclusion. Now, that takes real skill. Oh, and the US is not at all laissez-faire. It's nearly as bad a mess of crony corporatism (and bad money) as the EU.

DBC Reed said...

@L You might try and give some reasoning for your alleged argument, Lola old girl.Before the previous referendum, the hard core European argument came from Sir Oswald and his made-over Blackshirts rebadged as the Union Movement.They were fanatically anti-American and at the very best hoped to see an internal market of 300 million from which the US was completely excluded.Flopsy bunnies like you and the free traders allowed the Americans to have an influence , which is why de Gaulle didn't want us let in the Common Market.The Americans have been running a campaign against the British and its protected imperial market since before WW2 and conned Wobbly Churchill into the Atlantic Charter which stripped us of our Imperial preference markets then didn't enter the war (until the Japs took a hand).
So you softy you have been playing nicely at Free Trade but the Americans have been taking this country for fools; not surprisingly in your case. I note you continue your touching belief in sound money even though its created by banks which then charge interest on it.Crash! There goes another British business : BHS this time. How can this be when you have privatised everything so hard? Its just not fair.

Lola said...

@DBCR. There you go again. Not reading wot I rote. Or have been saying for years. Putting your own spin on my posts. F'rinstance you will note that I did say that the US was not 'free trade'. What has Mosley got the to do with it? Apart from his lad being a bit into dressing up as his dad was. For different reasons, allegedly.
You also know full well that I hold no candle for the current banking settlement.

So just what point are you trying to make?