Monday, 4 April 2016

Killer Arguments Against LVT, Not (389)

I've probably done this obvious one before, but here goes, Andy Wightman painstakingly explains why LVT would be a good replacement tax in The National and gets this for his troubles:

Scrap domestic property charges and introduce a local income tax or local sales tax. This can be set initially to bring in at least the same money to the local council as the CT does at the moment.

Councils could raise/lower this tax as required to pay for additional local services or short term local projects. More importantly it would be a progressive tax based on ability to pay.

As I see it, the only thing Green about a property tax is its colour. The colour of envy.

Hang on a minute, you Homey twat - you are calling for higher taxes on earnings or on business turnover, so by your own admission you are envious of higher earners or successful businesses, envy is not a good reason for imposing a tax, so that leaves us with..?


mombers said...

It's envy of people who don't have to produce anything to make a living

Mike said...

Funny, I thought green was the colour of jealousy.

As in "to jealously guard one's existing privileges".

Mark Wadsworth said...

Mombers, partly.

Mike, green is more usually applied to envy, but 'green with jealousy' is also used.