Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fascinating Thing about Ivory on BBC News

Basically, report about what happens, audio interview with the poachers who said they felt heroic for killing elephants as they destroy their farms.

Really, you can throw as much money as you like it trying to stop it. If you aren't going to pay these people to put up with elephants, they're going to kill them.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ditto Indians and tigers. Nasty vicious animals they are. Like a cross between a bear and a fox, very popular animals with the westerners who are lecturing third worlders on which animals they shouldn't kill.

Bayard said...

Best suggestion I heard about elephants is that the government of the various countries that have elephants should sell the lot. Once they cease to be "wild", in the sense that no-one owns them, then there would be an incentive for the new owners to look after them, stop them trampling farms, compensating the farmers when they do, etc etc.

The Stigler said...


But who wants to own them? What's the value to an owner?

Bayard said...

Elephant charities?