Sunday, 20 March 2016

Spot the Deliberate Mistake?


At 39 the mother-of-two owns 17 buy-to-let properties on the council estate where she grew up, in Knowsley, Liverpool.

Mrs Haig said: “We take on vulnerable, high risk, homeless, people who can’t get into social housing. We do not exceed the housing benefit allowance. If people’s circumstances change, we drop the rent.”

There's a lot more of this.


Steven_L said...

I read this in a EURO 3.30 hard copy by the pool today. The was a bit at the bottom about how the 'new BTL taxes' would leave them homeless or something.

"Surely they can serve a section whatever notice on one of their 17 houses?" I thought.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"He hopes that political ambition might prompt an about-turn by George Osborne, who will need the votes of “mainly Conservative” landlord investors."

Great. There are one million landlords and ten million tenants. So GO is going to pander to the former is he? Not even GO is that stupid or that evil.

Kin_Free said...

Sorry Mark, I can't see the deliberate mistake, but as a landlord myself I am intrigued. Please explain.

Lola said...

She bought ex-council houses probably bought for the council by the previous owners under a right to buy scheme with a fat discount.

Conflate that wit the next statement. The VHRP could have had the 17 houses form the council - if they hadn't been sold off. Clearly she needs the HB to maintain her rents. Without HB subsidy the rent would be lower as witnessed by the fact that when the tenants get into trouble she drops the rents.

You should read the rest of the article for the 100% full fat nonsense.

Mind you I do sympathise with BtLers in one way. They have bee suckered into this by the failed fiscal and economic policies of a succession of recent governments

mombers said...

Landlords will obviously find a more sympathetic ear from Corbyn or the Greens? Utter nonsense, they are a powerless political force and it's amazing that it's taken so long for the Tories to capitalise on this.

Bayard said...

"and it's amazing that it's taken so long for the Tories to capitalise on this."

I suppose it's because the Tories have long been the party of the urban rentier and they haven't reckoned before that they can stitch up some of their most ardent supporters without nasty political repercussions.