Monday, 28 March 2016

Local politics: the huge differences between the Greens and the Conservatives

From their local election leaflets:


Councillor Steven Neville has won a concession as a result of the Green Belt Review, which is part of Epping Forest District Council's new Local Plan for Epping Forest.

Buckhurst Hill will now be classed as a large village rather than a town, which gives extra protection for our Green Belt.

And from the Conservatives' leaflet:

Until recently I was chairman of the panel which scrutinised developing our Local Plan and I will continue to ensure that Buckhurst Hill and our Chigwell neighbours receive the best deal possible in any local plan development.

Along with local residents, I spoke directly with the District Councillor in charge of Planning in Epping Forest District, arguing that Buckhurst Hill must not become a town but should remain classified as a village.

I chucked away the Lib Dem leaflet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had said something similar. And as a matter of fact, Buckhurst Hill is neither a village nor a town, it is a commuter suburb.


JohnM said...

In the 1960s there was Conservative grouping which left to form the "People Party". The party renamed itself "The Ecology Party" which in turn became the Green Party. Of course, some leftists joined the party in the meantime and took it far away from the patrician roots of an elitist party inspired by Paul Ehrlich towards er....