Saturday, 6 February 2016

Taking 'bansturbation' to its logical conclusion.

From The Daily Mail:


America is in the grip of a pornography pandemic that has become so serious it should be treated the same way as teenage smoking or drink driving, activists have warned.

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media said porn must be tackled no differently than any major public health crisis. Speaking ahead of a two-day conference on sexual exploitation earlier this month, she said, if left untreated, addiction to pornography can leave users with psychological damage.

"There's a lot of science now proving that pornography is harmful," Hawkins said at the National Press Club in Washington. Porn sites get more visitors per month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined, a third of all downloads contain porn and the Internet now hosts 4.2 million porn websites.

I love the way that religious fundamentalists are basing their claims on 'science'.


Anonymous said...

The problem with bloggers who bansturbate about bans is that nothing ever gets banned.

Bloggers base their claims on junk bans that don't exsist.

What the fuck has ever been banned?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Smoking indoors or in cars, fox hunting, political incorrectness, drugs,

View from the Solent said...

"There's a lot of science ...."
Where? Show me.
Pandemic? Porn is infectious?

Mark Wadsworth said...

VFTS, re 2, yes, like the "obesity epidemic" or "third hand smoke".

Tim Almond said...

Addiction is actually the other way around. People who overconsume something do so because of mental problems. It's why abstinence programmes don't work. You have to work out why someone does it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, I'd always considered myself to have addictive tendencies, which is why I studiously avoided addictive drugs when I was young.

But when I lived in Germany in my twenties and had a very part time self-employment job, I'd happily start drinking beer at ten in the morning, now I have a full time job I wait until I am home at 6, even at weekends I wouldn't crack open the first can until 4 or 5 (unless I am outside in the garden in the sunshine). And I stay off it if I have to drive later in the day (although that irks).

So if addiction is as you define it, then I am not an addict. Phew. And I found giving up coffee (on Lola's recommendation) easy enough), I went from decades of five or six cups a day to none whatsoever, no prob's.

I'm never giving up smoking though. It's too much fun.

Anonymous said...

smoking indoors/cars/drugs....very wishy washy isnt it when you actually think of stuff that gets can of course still do all of those it isnt really a ban is it.

What about sugar/booze/salt?....all of those things are banned if you read blogs.

Bansturbating over nanny state bans overlooks the truth constantly, but then again it gets in the way of a good story dosen't it.

Porn ban....another cock eyed bansturbate.

de-bunking bansturbating normally gets me banned form blogs.

well done Mark for allowing a comment.


Mark Wadsworth said...

R, bansturbation is taking taxpayers money and asking for things to be banned. Whether it leads to something actually being banned is quite a separate topic. I did not for one second suggest that porn would be banned in the USA, did I?

Tim Almond said...


In that case, not really an addict. Addicts need their fix, whatever it is. They can't control it, because something, sometimes something they can't fix internally, prioritises it over other normal things.

It's why I always draw a line between party animals and addicts. A party animal is just a young man enjoying himself, because drinking and snorting coke are fun. But he'll turn up on time for work, and pay the rent. And when he meets a girl and has kids, he'll reign it in. An addict isn't like that, and in fact, addicts are rarely party animals. They're the guy sat at the bar or at home drinking whisky or vodka.

BTW we've always had porn. Posters of Rita Hayworth, top shelf magazines, Basic Instinct, the Grattan Catalogue. The death of the "erotic thriller" in cinemas is due to the internet, that no-one will pay to see a few tits.

Bayard said...

"What the fuck has ever been banned?"

Nothing actually has to be banned for bansturbation to exist. The word is a portmanteau from "ban" and "masturbate", i.e. bansturbating is getting off on the thought of banning something. No actual bans are required.