Monday, 8 February 2016

Fun Online Polls: Plastic bags & Storm names

The results to last week's poll were as follows:

How many plastic bags did you or members of your household pay 5p for last month?

None - 60%
1 to 5 - 29%
6 to 10 - 10%
11 to 20 - 2%
21 to 30 - 0%
More than 30 - 0%

So the claim that the number of supermarket plastic bags used has gone down by 80% might well be true. The unknown variable is, are people buying an equal and opposite amount of bin liners etc. to use instead of plastic bags? How do we find that out?

A good turnout, thank you to everybody (121 people) who took part.
This week's poll:

Which were your favourite storm names so far?

You can choose as few or as many as you like.

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Frank said...

Frank. Obviously. :-)

Although the practice IS very silly.

Curmudgeon said...

I keep saying I'll have to look at the cost of bin liners, but as I've still got a stock of supermarket bags I haven't got round to it yet.

Cheapest I can find on eBay are £2.29 for 80, which is just under 3p each.

paul said...

Interesting supposed side effect:

Perhaps all theses self checkouts are not such a great idea

Dinero said...

The question is why have they started naming UK storms , whos idea was it, by what authority and whats the point.

Bayard said...

"Interesting supposed side effect:"

An alternative explanation: there's just as much shoplifting as there was, but now more people are getting caught doing it, because they can't smuggle their shoplifted items out of the shops in the free plastic bags any more.

Bayard said...

Curmudgeon, I can't remember when the bag tax came in in Wales, but it was some years ago, and I still haven't had to buy any bin liners. There are quite a few other sorts of plastic bag that you get for nothing that fit nicely into a pedal bin.

Paul Lockett said...

There was some analysis of the Wales introduction which showed an increase in pedal bin liner sales when the 5p charge came in: